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Preparing to work in social care for adults that you can learn with this available course

Obtain proper preparation to work in the social area for adults, enables you to meet various personal needs related to the health, well-being and decent life of people, and has as its purpose the full social integration of people in the communities in which they live and equal opportunities. This free course has been designed for all those who wish to learn in the area of health, or for beginners in the workplace.

By completing this free course, you will be able to train in various areas of communication, which are: personal development, information management, you will be able to play a role as a social worker, equality, inclusion, security, health, protection, care, all aimed at the person who requires these aspects.

All human beings have the right to social assistance, citizens and families who, due to their physical, mental or social conditions, need specialized services for their protection and their full integration into well-being, must be guaranteed by the government.

Fundamental aspects of preparing to work in social care for issues

Due to the high demand of the requirement of the social care service for adults, the system guarantees such care expeditiously and considerately.

The number of people who work in the adult social care sector in England is increasing more and more, which is why said government has taken the initiative to teach this course to provide adequate training and preparation to its participants, to put into practice Practice what you have learned and thus provide due attention to the people who deserve it.

People who can take this course

This free online course can be done by all those people who have a special interest in work and social care and also in health. In it you will learn elementary concepts regarding the preparation and care to provide people inherent to this area of health.

Requirements for the election of this course

• Be a person who is over 19 years of age.

• You must live in England.

• You must not have completed any stage of the course before.

• You must also have lived in the UK for at least three years.

Manageable units and course content.

• Principles of communication in social care environments for adults.

• Principles of personal development in social care settings for adults.

• Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in the area of adult social care.

• Principles of safeguarding and protecting health and social assistance.

• Understand the role of the social worker.

• Understand information management in social care settings.


By completing this course you will be able to obtain a duly accredited level 2, NCFE CACHE or TQUK certificate.

It is worth mentioning that these certificates are fully endorsed and approved by the institutions that grant them, and they contribute to providing excellent offers in the workplace.

Free course

We inform you that if you meet each of the requirements to take the course, previously mentioned in this article, you can take the course for free.

Zero commission, you will not have to provide card details and there will be no trial periods.

Course details

The course is free, 100% done online, which you can do from the comfort of your home or office, where you will be directed with the support of an expert tutor in the field.

Course duration

The course lasts 6 weeks, with a schedule of 4 to 5 hours per week.

Data and contact information

If you are interested and want to take a free Preparation Course to work in social care for adults, we inform you that you can do so by contacting the following telephone number directly:

Free phone: + 44 – 0800 – 001 – 5910.

You can also do it through Live Chat:

You can do it with a course advisor from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can also send an email to the following recipient: being this the email address that is kept in mind about what this course is and in this way you get to have direct access to ask much more in relation to being part of said course .

Through which they answer you 24 hours a day, in a common way, it is kept in mind that this makes possible communication between all people, which will allow people to be able to have an answer a prompt response.

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