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Level 2 Certificate Course in Understanding Child and Youth Mental Health

Enjoying and having good emotional or mental health is the ideal state of well-being and satisfaction where we can explore an optimal state of mind with ourselves and towards others; so we are able to recognize our emotions, feelings and in turn allows us to face the adversities of life.

Having mental health from childhood means reaching developmental indicators and emotional indicators, which will allow you to fully develop as a person and with you around you, as well as acquiring personal skills to implement them and put them into practice in the social sphere. This is kept in mind that there are a large number of different issues to keep in mind with what is the development of a large number of mental illnesses, for the same reason it is necessary to have a greater amount of knowledge to keep in mind so that in this way It is not possible to have a greater growth in relation to what this type of mental problems is, for the same reason it is important that people get to be informed much more about this type of problems, so that in this way they try to reduce them. .

However, it is possible to have different types of studies or work on mental health, it is kept in mind that this affects not only adults but also children in particular.

Mental health is as important as the physical health of an individual, and it is well worth it from a young age, to obtain a good experience and achieve a life to the full.

Ways to promote good mental health

• Create habits that involve movement, such as exercises, walks, games, among others.

• Create different physical activities that help maintain good physical and mental health.

• Take active mental and physical breaks.

• Establishes routines where different activities of interest to children and adolescents are contemplated.

• Do what you like.

This is a completely free course, which provides you with support material and covers the subject of mental health for children and young people. This course can be done online, with the ease of scheduling, and you will have access to it until its completion.

General description of the course

According to statistics, out of every ten children aged 1 to 2 and adolescents have mental health problems, which is why we must focus on working on the development of good mental health from an early age.

It is an ideal course not only for people who want to start it as a profession, but also for those parents or people who take care of them.

You will be able to discover all those problems to which children and young people are exposed, anxiety, depression, behavior problems, among others, as well as each of the factors that contribute to the state and the way in which mental problems affect them.


1) You must be over 19 years of age.

2) The student who wants to participate in the course must be living in England.

3) To register you must present your identification.

4) You must also submit documents proving a job.

5) You must have proof of previous grades.

6) The process takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Career path

The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in pursuing a career or trade related to the care of children and young people in the mental aspect, and who so require.

People who can take this course

This course dedicated to the understanding and comprehension of the mental health of children and young people, will give you the motivation to enter the career dedicated to comprehensive care in terms of the behavior of children and young people, and you can work in the following areas:

• Teaching assistant.

• Assistant in social work.

• Specialist in dynamic games in the field of health.

Course content

The course is content in a high compression in the following aspects:

• Mental health of children and youth.

• The aspects that influence and affect the mental health of infants and adolescents.

• Existing concerns of children and youth.

• The way in which mental health problems affect children and young people.

• The way to support and help children and young people with mental problems.

Contact information

To carry out the aforementioned and described level 2 course to work in the health sector, in understanding mental health in children and young people, you can do it in the simplest way possible, directly contacting the following link: https://www.reed.co.uk/courses/level-2-certificate-in-understanding-children-and-young-peoples-mental-health/279107#/courses/free?pageno=5

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